How to Plan a Dinner Party on a Budget

How to Plan a Dinner Party on a Budget?

How to Plan a Dinner Party on a Budget

How to Plan a Dinner Party on a Budget?

It’s a great work, hosting a dinner party. Whether it is your first time or not hosting a dinner party, you will find this article helpful. It tells you what to do before throwing such an event. It illustrates how to calculate the money it requires to launch the party.
And it provides ideas and tips for the dinner. If you will implement such tips, you will likely lift your social clout higher.

What to do Before Throwing a Dinner Party?

Before throwing a dinner party, you have to consider the following issues.

Money: It is very important. Without money, you can find it difficult to host a party. A budget shows how much you need, how to spend it.

Make an invitation list: If you want to host a large dinner party, you need to get an invitation list. The list will help you track how much you will spend on foods and drinks.

Decide the theme and decoration: Choose a perfect theme and decoration for the dinner party. People appreciate expensive glasses, plates, and other dinnerwares. Choose the one to do the trick.

Choose a Location: A nice venue, it is a good option. It earns you respect. For a few people, your house is okay. When choosing a venue, you’ll have to consider the type of invitees. For your friends, your home is okay but for business associates, you should book a nice venue.

Deciding the Date: People are busy…most especially on weekdays. Weekends are the best days for parties. Choose a perfect date, one that is convenient for everybody.

Send Invitations: Ensure you notify everyone on your list. You can send emails. Make phone calls or send messages via SMS, WhatsApp etc. Just make sure that you reach out to people.

Plan Your Menu: Choose the recipes. Make a budget for the recipes. Get them from the market. For friends, you should cook whereas for business associates or a large number of invitees, hire a catering service.

Plan the Entertainment: Spice up the party with some playlists background (music). Energize the atmosphere, with solemn songs. You can hire a keyboardist.

How to Calculate the Money Required Hosting the Dinner Party?

It is a simple arithmetic duty. Let us say the total amount of money you need to launch a dinner party is DPC.

Let Dinner Party Cost, DPC = $ [GC + NGC]

Where GC is the Guest Cost and the NGC is the Non-Guest Cost.

And the money budgeted for each guest’s food and drinks is the Guest Cost. While the money used to rent the venue, hire a catering service, send invitations, and make decorations is called the Non-Guest Cost.

Add the guest cost and the non-guest cost together, and then you obtain the amount of money needed to host the party.

To get the idea better, permit me to give an example. Let us say you’ve invited 10 people to a dinner party. And the money required to get food and drinks for a person is $50.

Then the Guest Cost, GC = $50 X 10 = $500

If the amount of money needed to book a venue, send invitations, hire a keyboardist, and cater for other expenses is $900.

Then the Non-Guest Cost, NGC = $900.

Sum up the GC and NGC, you have the amount required to host such party, which is $1300.

How do you get the money to host a dinner party if you’re broke?

Perhaps you cannot afford to take the money out of your saving; you can take out a personal loan online. There are several online lenders on the internet.

Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can get a loan approved. And before you take out an installment loan online, ensure you have a good job, a good financial standing and a high credit score.

If you can get a co-signer, it makes your loan get approved quickly. Maintain a lower debt-to-income ratio (DTI) as online lenders use it to determine your creditworthiness and how much of loan you can afford.

Taking out a loan will help you finance the party to your taste.

Dinner Party Ideas

With these ideas, your guests will find the dinner party warming.

Write a timeline for the party: Take your time; write a timeline for the dinner party. So that you won’t miss things up. Provide an order that shows how the party would be run. Doing that saves time. Everyone’s time worth planning.

Book a venue, if your guests are formal. You can also host a dinner party right in your home if the guests are informal such as friends and relatives.

To earn a party-like atmosphere, add some music background. Maintain a low volume; don’t let the music interrupt people’s conversation. Just like it is in movies, you can make your dinner party the same.

To reduce your expenses, tell invitees to bring their own bottles (BYOB). Despite this, you should provide some bottles of wine and stock up some non-alcoholic beverages for guests that don’t drink.

Be mannered. Meet people and greet them with gusto. When it comes to a social gathering like a dinner party, such things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your participation is crucial as the host. Don’t be in the kitchen on your guests’ arrival. Be in charge of the welcoming.

Plan the after-party. If you find it challenging to clean up the mess and wash the dishes, you can hire workers to do it for you. Don’t procrastinate. If you do, your house will suck.


This article is helpful. It shows you how to plan a dinner party on a budget, how to calculate the money it would require, how to cut out the budget and how to launch a successful dinner party.

Choose the right venue. Invite your guest. Choose the right meal. Let them bring their bottles. Provide wine and wine glasses. Play some background music. Make them dazzle and party awesome. Encourage side talks and be yourself.
That’s all.

How To Plan A 60Th Birthday Party On A Budget

How to Plan a 60th Birthday Party on a Budget?

How To Plan A 60Th Birthday Party On A Budget

How to Plan a 60th Birthday Party on a Budget?

Woohoo! You’re now 60. You’ve got to prepare a big party for it.

This birthday should be remarkable, awesome and memorable. What do you think?

Even if you want to run a low budget, you need to plan a budget for the party.

And this article will show you how to plan your 60th Birthday Party on a budget. Let’s begin.

How much money do you need to budget for the birthday party?

A good party plan cannot be made without having some money budgeted. And this section shows you how to calculate the amount of money needed to launch your birthday party.

Birthday Party Cost (BPC) = $ [GC + NGC]

Where, GC is the Guest Cost, and NGC is the Non-Guest Cost.

The amount of money required to cater for your guest’s needs at the birthday party is the guest cost. And it depends on the number of guests present at the party.

To know how much that would cost, you need to create a list of your invitees and ensure that you have included the names of relatives, friends, workers, and close persons that you would like to see at the latter.

You should also create an extension for uninvited guests.

Calculate how much it would cost to cater for a single person that would be present at the party. Do the arithmetic and term your answer as Guest Cost (GC). So,

Guest Cost = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP]


NAL = Number of attendees or invitees on your list.

CP = Cost of catering per person or invitee.

The amount of money required to prepare a venue, rent chairs and tables (rental services), rent party space, make a birthday cake, entertain, and cater for other issues that are not directly linked with the guest is termed as the Non-Guest Cost.

Non-Guest Cost, NGC = $ [VC + RC + BcC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + BcC + EC + OC]


VC = Cost for the venue

RC = Cost for the rents (chairs, tables, plates, spoons, speakers, iPod, and the likes).

BcC = Cost for making or buying a birthday cake.

EC = Cost for entertainment, DJ, and related entertaining rants.

OC = Other Costs.

Take for example; Mrs Alex wants to calculate how much it would cost her to launch her birthday party. She expects 50 people at the party. And the amount of money needed to give food, drinks and takeaways to each person that would be present at the party is $15.

She needs $200 to rent a venue and a party space, the chairs and tables cost $50 on rent, the birthday cake costs $80, the costs to hire an entertainer is $200, and the costs for other issues is $30.

So, Mrs. Alex’s Birthday Party would cost; BPC = $ [GC + NGC]

The Guest Cost, GC = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP] = [(50 + 0.15 X 50) X 15] = $862.50

The Non-Guest Cost, NGC = $ [VC + RC + BcC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + BcC + EC + OC] = [200 + 50+ 80+ 200 + 30] + 0.15 [200 + 50 + 80 + 200 + 30] = $644.00

Thus, the Birthday Party Cost = $ [862.50 + 644.00] = $1506.00

As a result, Mrs. Alex needs to budget $1506.00 for her coming 60th Birthday. You can also do the same to calculate the amount of money you need to launch your 60th Birthday.

How can you get the money to launch your birthday party?

You can get the money from your saving, children and close friends. And if you need much more, you can take out an online personal loan.

You are expected to pay back in installments over a period of time with the interest applied on the latter.

60th Birthday Party Ideas

You can have your 60th birthday as good as having the 18th birthday, despite you’re aged. Just implement the necessary ideas, and you will find yourself experiencing the moment, and you will get people around you enjoying it greatly.

  1. Outsource the Preparation: It is your 60th birthday. The entire family is happy for you. Outsource the works to your children. Enlist relatives that will go beyond eating at the party. Works like buying stuff from the market, booking a venue, and the likes can be done by your people.
  2. Send Invitations: A 60th birthday party can be akin to a bridal party. Send the invitation card to people. The invitation card may have photo series of yours since you were a baby up until now. On the invitation card, you should have your name, address and venue, date, time, email address and a phone number.
  3. Decoration: A nice birthday theme and decoration can make your birthday look beautiful. Choose the dressing code and decorative theme. Ensure you get the best outlook that fits.
  4. Prepare a Song: You should sing a personal song at the party…even if you are bad at singing. Everyone will be there to see how happy you are. Ensure you do make them feel who you really are.
  5. Prepare a Speech: It is good to give an inspiring and ever-powerful speech at such an event. The speech should last at least 15 minutes. In this speech, you should tell stories, educate people, embarrass your mistakes over time, and move the audience with your oratory ability.
  6. Gifts and Donation: If you have enough money, make a donation. Give money to an orphanage home. Announce the donation at the party. Mark your 60th birthday with charity. Contribute to the world’s goodness. Make your audience understand the need for love.
  7. Dance to the Music: Before the day, choose the playlist that you like the most. Give it to your DJ before the day. As the dancing moment comes, step up to the dancing space, lift your heart with gladness, shackle your memory, and find a reason to dance.
  8. Free Gifts: Inscribed a brand like “YOUR NAME @ 60” on clothes, bucket or any presentable material, and freely give them to everyone that comes for the party. Doing so will make the day unforgettable. Materials like handkerchiefs, towels, buckets, T-Shirts and the likes can be used.


With this article, you can plan a memorable 60th birthday party. It shows you how to calculate the amount of money the party demands, how to budget the money and what to do to make the party go awesome.

How to Plan a Cocktail Party on a Budget

How To Plan A Cocktail Party On A Budget?

How To Plan A Cocktail Party On A Budget

How to Plan a Cocktail Party on a Budget?

If you want to entertain friends or business associates, launching a cocktail party is good. It is the right option.

But to have an awesome cocktail party, you need to have planned for it. In this article, you will be shown how to plan a cocktail party on a budget.

If you adhere to this guide, your entire guest list will recognize the full worth of your effort to arrange the latter. And your social clout will rise.

What do you need to consider when planning a cocktail party?

You can’t believe how simple it is to organize a cocktail party until you start preparing for it. Here are the things you need to consider when planning for a cocktail party.

  1. The Party’s Date: On weekdays, people are often stressed out. And having a cocktail party on a working day is not the right option. Weekends are the best days to have a cocktail party…especially at night. It makes a perfect sense when the party lasts at least 2 hours
  2. Book a Venue: Cocktail parties are not birthday parties. They are formal. House parties are not an option. A hotel or a restaurant will do.
  3. Invitees: Who will you invite? Make a guest list. If the party is meant for having fun with your office mates, business associates or to reunite your college long-seen friends, get a list of their names. It is needed when making a budget for the party.
  4. Send Invitations: Send the listed invitees invitations. Notify them -latest a week before- of the party. Everybody likes his schedule. Ensure that you will notify them promptly.
  5. Plan a Budget: After you’ve sent invitations and the right people have been notified be ready to prepare a proper budget. A budget that is good. Good in the sense that it will help do two things. One, a budget shows how much you will spend. Two, it tracks your spending as the preparation for the party goes on.

How to Calculate the Money You Need to Launch a Cocktail Party

Money is important when it comes to budgeting. Without money, no party can be launched. You’re about to read everything you need to calculate the amount of money to host a cocktail party.

Let us say, the required amount needed to have an awesome cocktail party is CPC:

So, Cocktail Party Cost (CPC) = $ [GC+NGC]

Where the GC is the Guest Cost and the NGC is the Non-Guest Cost.

So, what do Guest Cost and Non-Guest Cost mean?

Guest cost is the sum of money needed to cater to the cocktail party’s guests and it is usually determined by the number of invitees expected at the latter.

Guest Cost = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP]


NAL = Number of attendees or invitees on your list.

CP = Cost of catering per person or invitee.

While the non-guest cost is the money required to book the venue, rent chairs and tables (or party space), cater for entertainment, and pay for expenses that are not directly linked with the party’s attendees.


NGC = $ [VC + RC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + EC + OC]


VC = Cost for the venue

RC = Cost for the rents.

EC = Cost for entertainment, DJ, and related entertaining rants.

OC = Other Costs.

Take for example the cost to cater for the food and drinks for each person at a cocktail party is $30 and 10 attendees are expected the party.

Then, the Guest Cost, GC = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP] = $ [(10+0.15X 10) X 30] = $330.00

But, the costs to rent a venue and hire a catering service are $100 and $150 respectively. The money to get a DJ is $200, and other expenses will be covered with $50.

Then, the Non-Guest Cost, NGC = $ [VC + RC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + EC + OC]
NGC = $ [100+150+200+50] + 0.15[100+150+200+50] = $ 575.00

Therefore, the Cocktail Party Cost (CPC) = $ [GC+NGC] = $ [330.00 + 575.00] = $905.00

Using the steps illustrated in the example, you can calculate the amount of money you need to launch a cocktail party. Your cocktail party budget must include the budget for food, decorations, entertainment and other necessary issues.

How to Get the Money Budgeted for the Party

You can get the money from your savings. If you are broke, you can take out a payday loan online. Taking out such a loan is the best option when it comes to seeking money to meet personal needs.

Cocktail Party Ideas

Alcoholic wines are the labels for any cocktail party. Your guests can get drunk. Reserve plenty of ice for them. Mixers like orange juice, cola are also needed. Hire a bartender that will mix the wines for your guests.

If you want to look professional at hosting a cocktail party, ensure your guests with some coffee at the end of the party, because drunken guests will find it helpful.

Ensure you have everyone’s taxi company’s phone number. With such contacts, drunken guests can be handed over to a safe driver instead of driving under the effect of alcohol.

No child should be allowed at a cocktail party. Every attendee should not bring their children to the party.

Do not offer much food at a cocktail party. Nobody eats much at such a party. Just ensure wines are available. Even if food will be served, prepare a menu for seafood, finger foods etc.

You can also spice up the party by offering sweets.

This goes for every party event. Always prepare more than you expect.


This article is helpful as it shows you how to plan a cocktail party, how to calculate the money to be budgeted and cocktail ideas that are trendy and fun!

How To Plan A 21st Birthday Party On A Budget

How To Plan A 21st Birthday Party On A Budget?

How To Plan A 21st Birthday Party On A Budget

How to Plan a 21st Birthday Party on a Budget?

Your birthday is at the door. It’s about to knock. You’re now 21. It should be celebrated. You’re now an adult. It is a leap that must be marked with a memorable party.

Nothing should stop you from launching your 21st birthday party…not even a fear or the lack of money. With a proper budget, you can have a nice party. And this article shows you how to plan your birthday party on a budget.

How much money do you need to budget for the birthday party?

The required amount to be budgeted for your birthday party is BPC:
Birthday Party Cost (BPC) = $ [GC + NGC]
Where, GC is the Guest Cost, and NGC is the Non-Guest Cost.

Let’s discuss the guest cost and non-guest cost.
Guest cost is the amount of money required to cater for the guests at the birthday party. It shows how much you need to fund everything to satisfy your friends, siblings, and other attendees at the event. The GC depends on the number of guests you will invite.

On a budget, a birthday party that attracts 60 attendees should be more expensive than the one that attracts 16 attendees. Get the number of guys you want at the party. Make a list of names of relatives, friends, and peers that you want them to be present at the event.

After getting the attending number, determine the party’s worth. Decide the types of drinks, foods, presents, and take away snacks. Calculate how much it costs to get the package for each person. Then multiply the number of people on your list with the calculated cost.

To avoid disappointment, add at least 15% of the number of invitees on your list. You know…your invited friend may bring his/her fiance or an uninvited guest.
Do the arithmetic. And term your answer as Guest Cost (GC). So,

Guest Cost = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP]
NAL = Number of attendees or invitees on your list.
CP = Cost of catering per person or invitee.

The Non-Guest Cost is the amount of money required to cater for the venue, rental (like chairs and tables) or party space, birthday cake, games, entertainment, invitation cards, and other issues that do not have any direct receiving link with your guests.

NGC = $ [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC]
VC = Cost of the venue
RC = Cost of the rents (chairs, tables, plates, spoons, speakers, iPod, and the likes).
BcC = Cost of making or buying a birthday cake.
GC = Cost of buying games like chess, scrabble, videos games, and the likes.
EC = Cost of entertainment, DJ, and related entertaining rants.
OC = Other Costs.

Take for example; David wants to know how much he needs to budget for his 21st birthday party. The cost to satisfy a single person at his birthday will be $20. And he expects 30 attendees at the party. The venue costs $100, the rentals cost $120, the birthday cake costs $65, the costs to hire a DJ is $150, and other things cost $10.

So, David’s Birthday Party Cost = $ [GC+NGC]
The Guest Cost, GC = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP] = [30 + 0.15 X 30] X 20] = $90.00
The Non-Guest Cost, NGC = $ [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC] = [100 + 120 + 65 + 0 + 150 + 10] + 0.15 [100 + 120 + 65 + 0 + 150 + 10] = $510
Thus, David’s Birthday Party Cost = $ [510 + 90] = $600.00

You can’t know how easy budgeting is, until you start. It is very simple. Study the steps illustrated in this section. You can use those ones to arrive at the amount of money your birthday requires.

How Do You Get the Money to Fund the Party?

You can get it from your pocket. If you are broke, you can get it from your relatives, friends, or parents. If they can’t offer you the money, you have to take out a payday loan online as it one of the best type of loans to seek to fund a birthday party.

How to Reduce the Budget?

Perhaps you want a lower budget. Then you should have your birthday party at home. Venues are expensive. You can have a house party. But, you may not be allowed to make the noise that you would like and you will have to be responsible for such service.

And if your mom is a good cook, there is no need for a catering service. You just need to money to buy raw food, drinks and the birthday cake. Rent a good speaker, instead of a DJ. Let your friends do the DJ’s job.

Cleaning up after party can be difficult. But you and your siblings should do that. If you would be having your birthday party at home, don’t you think you have to spice up the party with some ideas?

21st Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Nobody loves being bored. You can make your guys have much fun, even if you won’t take them out. Right from your home, you can spice up the party:

  • Playing Board Games: You can play board games with your friends. Games like chess, monopoly, and scrabble are good for house birthday party.
  • Playing Video Games: Playing video games is one of the best ways to catch fun when having a birthday party at home. You can play soccer games, GTA, Super Smash, or Super Mario.
  • Swimming: If there is a swimming pool at the house, you can launch a swimming race. It is also a way of making the house birthday party awesome.
  • Taking Pictures and Videos: If you want to run a low budget party, do not hire a photographer. Everyone have phones and they can take as many pictures as they want. You can make videos using your smartphone. Doing this will also make it lively.
  • Telling Stories: You can make your birthday memorable by asking each of your invitees to tell a story about you in just a few minutes.


This article shows you how to plan for your 21st birthday, how to calculate and budget the money needed for the party, where to get the money, and how to spice up the party with 21st birthday party ideas.

Happy birthday to you in advance, and may your day be filled with happiness.

How To Plan A Sweet 16 Party On A Budget

How To Plan A Sweet 16 Party On A Budget?

How To Plan A Sweet 16 Party On A Budget

How To Plan A Sweet 16 Party On A Budget?

So, your youngster is now 16. You’ve done a nice job. I’m happy for you. But this can be his last birthday before he leaves for college. So, these are his last days at home. This birthday must be remarkable because any other birthday after 16 could be done at the campus, and you won’t be there.

So, take your time and make the latter unforgettable for your child.

And for you to plan a sweet 16 Birthday Party on a budget can be challenging. But this article is helpful. It makes the planning processes clear, easy, and exciting.

How to Determine Your Budget for the Party

Having a party without a budget can bruise your bank account. Ensure you know how much the party requires. Cut out the budget by implementing cheap, sweet ideas.

Plan the budget with your child. Don’t do it alone. Give him the power and free will to choose. And you should discuss with the latter how much you can afford from what he has chosen. Enforce boundaries on everything that the birthday party needs as your budget depends on the guest list. It shows the number of guests that are likely to be present. As a result, you should compile a guest list if you haven’t. And remember, the more the guests, the more the party will cost.

At first, set an imaginary number of people you can cater for, and let your kid fill the latter with friends. Doing so will save up money.

How Much Money Costs A Sweet 16 Party?

If you can do some arithmetic, let the required amount of money to be budgeted for a Sweet 16 party be SPC:

Sweet 16 Party Cost (SPC) = $ [GC + NGC]

Where, GC is the Guest Cost, and NGC is the Non-Guest Cost.

The money to be spent on getting foods, snacks, and drinks for the guest is called the guest cost and the just mentioned can be calculated by using the formula below.

Guest Cost, GC = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP]


NAL = Number of attendees or invitees on your list.

CP =    Cost of catering per person or invitee.

While the non-guest cost is the amount of money that will cater for other expenses apart from the guest cost. It can be obtained by using the formula below.


Non-Guest Cost: NGC = $ [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC]


VC = Cost of the venue

RC = Cost of the rents (chairs, tables, plates, spoons, speakers, iPod, and the likes).

BcC = Cost of making or buying a birthday cake.

GC = Cost of buying games like chess, scrabble, videos games, and the likes.

EC = Cost of entertainment, DJ, and related entertaining rants.

OC = Other Costs.

To give you an idea of how to use those formulas, permit me to cite an example. If the cost to get food, snacks, and drinks for a single person invited to his sweet 16’s party is $20 and you have 30 attendees on the guest list, you will have.

The Guest Cost, GC = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP] = [30 + 0.15 X 30] X 20] = $90.00

And let us say the venue costs $100, the rentals cost $120, the birthday cake costs $65, the costs to hire a DJ is $150, and other things cost $10.

Then, the Non-Guest Cost, NGC = $ [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC] = [100 + 120 + 65 + 0 + 150 + 10] + 0.15 [100 + 120 + 65 + 0 + 150 + 10] = $510

Thus, the Sweet 16 Party Cost = $ [510 + 90] = $600.00

You can reduce the budget by hosting a house party instead of renting a restaurant or a party space.

Where can you get the money for the party even if you don’t have?

You know how much money you want to spend and how you will spend it, but how can you get the money? Where can you get the money from? If you can’t get the money from your savings, you don’t have to disappoint your child.

You can take out a personal loan online. Without leaving the comfort of your bedroom, you can get a loan approved for the party.

Ideas for Sweet 16 Birthday Party Activities on a Budget

You can make your child and his peers experience a memorable party with the ideas highlighted as we proceed.

  1. Set a Perfect Time and Location for the Party:  Choosing a time for the party can be daunting if your child’s date falls on a working day. So, the perfect time to have a birthday party on a working day is the PM Hours. Ensure your child notifies all his friends of the party’s time before the day.

As you prepare for the birthday, get a location and book the venue. Perhaps you want to run the party on a low budget and in that case you can consider using your home.

  1. Book a Catering Service: Perhaps you want to have a very large sweet 16 party; you should book a catering service. And if you can cook for the expected guests, then cook. Prepare the food ahead of the party’s time.
  2. Write the Party’s Timeline: Just like an order of the program.  Make up a timeline for the party. It should show how the party will go. From prayers to music, to movies, to serving foods and drinks, to cutting a cake, and most importantly to the party’s end.
  3. Playing Games: Games like chess, monopoly, and scrabble can be used to spice up a sweet 16 party. Teenagers like playing video games these days. You can create a time space for them to play video soccer games, GTA, Road Rash, Super Mario, or any other interesting game.
  4. Make them tell stories: Everyone has a powerful story. Your child’s birthday can be a place to tell those stories. That is what makes the day unforgettable.
  5. Music and Dancing Performance: The right person to choose the music playlist is your child. He knows what his peers dance to.


We’re done. You are free. Proceed with the preparation. Make the party awesome, memorable, and remarkable. It may be your child last birthday at home. He will leave for college soon, remember!

How To Decorate A Studio Apartment On A Budget

How To Decorate A Studio Apartment On A Budget?

How To Decorate A Studio Apartment On A Budget

How To Decorate A Studio Apartment On A Budget?

Are you on a budget all while trying to decorate your new place? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. Although it might appear quite challenging to decorate your studio apartment at low cost, we guarantee that by following a few simple tips and tricks, your new home will look fantastic without burying yourself in debt.

If, however, you do need a little extra hand in putting your decoration project together, you can search for a payday loans online. The latter type of providers offer the quick money you’re looking for.

Although your studio apartment may be built of a kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom all sharing the same place, the following tips will help you maximize space, get creative and demonstrate some real decorating talent!

Decorating a Small Apartment on a Budget

We all know how moving into a new place can be an exciting, yet stressful, moment. Of course, moving comes at a cost – including purchasing essentials like a couch, a kitchen table and probably a few dishes. Then, there comes the moment where you feel you need to make your new place look like home. This is where you need to remember that decorating doesn’t have to break the bank!

Discrete is Key

Sure. your one-bedroom apartment has got to serve many purposes – including a kitchen and dining area, a sleeping area and even a washing area. However, this doesn’t mean we need to see or use all the areas at the same time.
Start by considering fold-out furniture such as a Murphy bed or drop-leaf tables. Or, if you’ve really got the knack for at-home decorating, think about hiding everything like was completed in the 140-square foot apartment.

Save Space; Hide your Bed

There’s no reason to deny it – your studio apartment is probably really small. You may be thinking to yourself: There’s no way I can set my bed up in here! Before you panic and tell yourself you’ll be sleeping on the couch for the next year – check to see if you have any closets that you can enclose the bed into. If not, think about draping curtains around your bed for a little extra privacy. Doing so will genuinely help turn your studio apartment into a home instead of an open living space.

Natural Lighting

Always remember that windows and natural lighting will help in making your new home appear bigger and more luminous. Most of the time, curtains and blinds will already be installed when renting a property however, if this isn’t your case or you’d prefer a change in styles then consider creating your own all while respecting your budget! Better yet – you don’t need any sewing skills. Look for fusible bonding web, which is generally available at all fabric and craft stores. Use this material to create panels of fabric for windows and doorways.

A Few Mirrors Can Go a Long Way

There are two ways you can bring mirrors into your new place – making it look bigger and increasing the amount of natural light reflecting throughout the room. You can hang mirrors on walls or leaning against the floor in specific areas of your studio apartment to increase the roomy feel. You can equally purchase mirrored furniture – a two in one!

Choose Lighting Wisely

You can add additional light fixtures to a room to brighten up a gloomy space. There are many types of lighting so make sure you think of them all: Overhead lighting, lamps for dimmer lighting as well as floor lighting or accenting lighting for decorations!

Remember that when it comes to renting a property, you’re usually not entitled to changing the light fixtures. However, make sure you mention any lighting problems, such as a broken or nonfunctional ceiling fan, then this might be worth mentioning to your landlord.

Disguise Your Storage Space

Avoid making your studio apartment feel like a cluttered closet by disguising your storage space. Think of furniture that has more than one use, like an ottoman with storage inside or using a trunk for a coffee table. Another top trick in camouflaging your storage space is by painting, or purchasing storage items that are the same colour as your apartment walls, allowing the storage to blend into your studio apartment without dominating the space.

Accessories your Space!

Craving a little colour and personality in your new studio apartment? Start by going the non-expensive route and look for vintage or homemade decorations. Adding colour is completed simply enough by adding a few throw pillows or blankets to the couch. Small accessories also go a long way such as pottery, picture frames of family and friends or even a bookcase with all your favorite authors!

Finally, think about adding a little touch of green to your new home with a few plants. Aside from being extremely affordable, plants are generally easy to care for and have a true knack for bringing a room to life. There are even certain plant species that require very little care – if any at all!

In the end, you can clearly see that decorating your new studio apartment can be completed in a very affordable way. Take the time to plan what type of decoration style you’re looking for and from there, choose your items wisely. If you keep the above tips in mind when it comes to personalizing your one-bedroom apartment, then you’ll be relaxing in your new home in no time.

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget?

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget?

Have you been dreaming of extending your house, or more specifically your kitchen area, into an outdoor kitchen but keep putting it off because you’re on a budget? Well, your in the right place because we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to renovate at low cost! Not only are the outdoor household extensions absolutely loveable, they are equally gaining in popularity and add serious monetary family to your home.

If you want to start taking advantage of the good weather with your outdoor kitchen but are facing financial difficulties, you can consider a cash advance online or keep reading and follow a few of our top ideas!

Tips and Tricks to Obtaining your Low Cost Outdoor Kitchen

In an ideal world, we’d all have enough cash to setup a fully functioning outdoor kitchen in order to take advantage of the nice weather wherever possible. However, unfortunately, not everyone’s budget permits for a fully equipped kitchen with a grilling, cooking, preparing and cleaning area. You can still achieve your ultimate goal of having an extended outdoor kitchen on a budget though if you take into consideration the following tips and tricks!

Use your Imagination

Instead of purchasing all new fourtinutre for your outdoor kitchen, start by looking at what you already have inside your home. If you have a rolling serving cart or a movable island laying around the house or in the garage – now is the time to take it back out. Stock it up with your outdoor essentials: grilling tools, seasonings, paper towels, cooking oils and whatever else you may deem necessary. Dealing with rainy weather? Move the cart or island inside while the storm passes.

If you’re trying to stay on budget all while creating your ideal outdoor kitchen, then keep in mind you don’t need to purchase high-end, super snazzy outdoor furniture. To the contrary in fact, simple garden furniture such as wooden benches with lift up seats, deck boxes and resin cabinets all make for great outdoor kitchen furnishings. If you’re interested in having a water source at hand, you can think about adding a garden sink that simply hooks up to an outdoor hose! Better yet – they don’t even cost $100. You can also think about purchasing camping equipment which will definitely serve you well when it comes to cooking in the great outdoors!

A budget outdoor kitchen, much like most other home renovation projects, needs to be organized and planned out thoroughly. Now that you’ve listed your dream outdoor kitchen items, you can check online, browse home or even resale stores for appliances that will have your functional outdoor kitchen up and running at low cost.

The Basics and Extras

Have your outdoor kitchen area drawn out in order to be fully capable of visualizing the work to be completed. Drawing out the plan is important because there are quite a few basics that go into building an outdoor kitchen and you want to make sure you have access to them all. Such basics include a cooking zone, countertops for preparing and serving food, a storage for all your cooking and grilling necessities as well as garbage and recycling bins for easy clean-up.

Purchasing a grill can be quite a task so make sure you know what kind of foods you plan on cooking outdoors and make sure you choose a grill that suits your needs. Most of all, respect your budget!

From here, and only if your budget allows you to do so, you can think about including a few extras for added comfort in your outdoor kitchen. A few examples include a bar with stools, a roof to protect the chef and guests from the hot sun or even the pouring rain, an outdoor sink with running water, refrigerators and ovens!

Drawing out your Kitchen Plan

As earlier mentioned, having your outdoor kitchen plan drawn out is actually quite an important step in the building process, and for many different reasons.

First off all, a plan helps you determine exactly where you plan on situating your outdoor kitchen. Ideally, such would be installed as close as possible to your indoor kitchen, permitting for easy transfer of food, tools and dishes. More so and if possible, having your outdoor kitchen built as close as possible to an exterior wall is also quite an important element to keep in mind. Why? Well, an exterior wall not only allows easier, but more affordable access, to plumbing and electricity if such elements are allotted within your budget. Having to use your home’s plumbing directly will increase costs greatly.

Of course, the bare basics includes a gas or charcoal grill as well as a flat surface to deposit foods once cooked and this doesn’t cost too much at all. A more modern outdoor kitchen however requires a little more equipment and amenities.

More Ideas for Budgeting your Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re not feeling inspired or are lacking ideas to bringing your outdoor kitchen to life, then take these following ideas into consideration!

  • Outdoor kitchen integrated directly into your deck. This option already has everything you need to entertain outdoors!
  • Outdoor kitchen with bar and stool seating. A little more modern, this option may take a little more time and a little more cash to build, but you’ll definitely take advantage of it all year round!
  • Countertops made of concrete. This is the perfect material for building an outdoor kitchen for there is no need to worry about the weather or other outdoor elements.
  • Outdoor kitchen with a grilling island. This is the perfect addition to an already existing outdoor kitchen. This project can be built in a weekend or less and incorporates under the counter cabinets for extra easy storage.
  • Portable outdoor kitchen. If space is an issue, then think of a small portable outdoor kitchen instead. A serving cart can be ideal, has everything you need for cooking and grilling, and can be moved back indoors when not in use!

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can build your own dream outdoor kitchen. By following our tips and tricks, you can respect your budget and complete your project in no time. If by chance, you’re looking to remodel your interior kitchen instead, then head over to our article on how to remodel a kitchen on a budget now!

How To Remodel A Kitchen On A Budget

How To Remodel A Kitchen On A Budget?

How To Remodel A Kitchen On A Budget

How To Remodel A Kitchen On A Budget?

Kitchen remodeling is probably one of the most expensive home renovation projects there is. On average, total prices can range between $10,000 and $45 000, depending on the amount of improvements to be made. When it comes to renovating your kitchen, although it might be necessary, keep in mind that you don’t have to bury yourself in debit in order to do so. First off, one option for a little extra financial help would be to request a personal loan online for bad credit. However, you may be capable of completely avoiding the latter if you take note of the following expert tips for remodeling your kitchen on a budget.

Tips for Remodeling a Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank. Find out how you can remodel with fast, simple and affordable ideas by reading on!

Set a Budget!

Although it might be the least amusing, setting a budget for your cheap kitchen renovations is the most important step. Many factors have to be taken in when considering your budget. First off, ask yourself how long you plan on living in the home – are you moving in a few years? If so, make sure you investigate other homes and prices in your area in order to ensure you don’t go overboard. If, on the other hand, your new place is going to be your forever home then plan your budget accordingly and only spend what you feel comfortable afford in order to obtain your dream kitchen.

The best way to determine how much money you can afford to spend is by comparing all your debts to your gross monthly income. You can write it all down on a list for clarity and visual support. Once completed, it’ll be easier to determine how much money you can spend monthly for your kitchen remodel. Only if necessary, you can discuss financing options with a financial advisor.

You should also plan for emergencies – such projects have a tendency of costing more than we planned for. The expert recommendation is to add a cushion of approximately 10% of your overall budget in case any surprises come your way.

Determine and Stick to Your Goals!

When shopping, getting distracted by all the innovative and eccentric products at the store can be quite easy – causing you sure budget problems in the long run. When it’s time to start purchasing your needs, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for and try to stay away from any unplanned purchases.

Don’t Over Do Things!

When it comes to your kitchen remodel, it’s best to try and keep support walls, beams, plumbing and electrical lines in the same place. Such renovations are extremely expensive and can result in breaking your budget in no time. Keep in mind that varied rooflines, curved walls and grande arches may add personality to your kitchen, but they equally increase cost.

Hire the Experts!

Now, you’re probably saying to yourself: No way! Hiring professionals is going to cost me way more money then doing it myself or with my buddies. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Sure, hiring experts might increase your initial cost however, doing so can equally save you quite a few bucks in the long run. Experts will help you in avoiding construction or design issues and can even suggest ways to save money on different materials.

Verify Several Contractor References!

Hiring the RIGHT contractor is also very important – make sure your asking for references. You want to avoid hiring someone who doesn’t communicate well, who’s often late and who doesn’t follow through on the projects they started. This type of situation will definitely become more costly all while causing you extra and unneeded stress.

Purchase Items on Special!

Now this one may seem a little obvious, however it’s important to point it out anyway. When shopping, keep an eye out for items on special, for clearance items, for end-of-season sales, rebates and even floor models. Doing so can really save you a high percentage on costs! If your less of an in-store shopper, you can equally find some great deals online – as long as you can trust the source you’re purchasing from.

Start Ordering Early!

When it comes to specific kitchen items or even custom-made articles like kitchen cabinets and windows, can take quite some time to arrive. In order to avoid having to put off your kitchen remodel for a few weeks while you impatiently wait for supplies, think of ordering in advance instead. Stay on track (and on budget) by having your materials on-site before starting any work.

Select in-stock items!

Although they might be appealing, earlier mentioned custom-made items such as kitchen cabinets and windows can turn your budgeted renovations into an out-of-this-world costly remodel. Instead, why not look for standard, in-stock models or even semi-custom products? You can still find these latter items in a wide range of differents colours, styles and price levels which will not only allow you to remodel your kitchen in style, but equally allow you to stay on budget!

Give a Hand with the Renovations!

Even if you have no experience whatsoever in renovating or construction, even the most basic do-it-yourselfers can help with certain tasks included in a kitchen remodeling project. For example, removing old kitchen cabinets, lighting fixtures and other small items that will eventually be replaced. On the other side of things, once major construction is completed, you can then help with putting things back up, installing light fixtures, applying paint and other finishing details!

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, sure, certain modifications are inevitable but by following the above expert-suggested tips, you’ll be capable of renovating on budget without a hassle. And hey, if you’re feeling inspired while your at it, check out How to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget for more innovative renovations ideas!

How To Organize a Garage On a Tight Budget

How To Organize a Garage On a Tight Budget?

How To Organize a Garage On a Tight Budget

How To Organize a Garage On a Tight Budget?

When it comes to decorating your home, decluttering is probably the first and most important step. Without removing dust collecting trinkets and other useless items that are piling up around your home, you’ll never see the bigger picture of how, where and with what you should be decorating. When it comes to decorating on a budget, having a plan is extremely important in order to respect your finances. If you’ve caught yourself saying: I need cash now, then keep reading!

You may be tempted to quickly remove the clutter from your home and send it all into the garage. However, does sending the clutter and mess elsewhere really solve the problem? Learn more about budget garage storage ideas that will ensure you not only eliminate the clutter from your home, but avoid the accumulation from occuring in the garage!

How to Organize Tools in a Garage

Don’t start off with the idea that organizing a garage is a one-stop deal – it’s not. To the contrary in fact, everyone’s garage needs are different and for that reason, we’ve compiled a list of the top tricks to organizing and making the most of your garage space.

Practical Storage Wall

We all know that the garage is not the biggest space in the house – especially once the car is parked inside. So, how to fit a storage unit between the wall and the side of your car? Don’t stress it. The practical storage wall solves the problem for you, allowing you to benefit from a solid mounting for shelves and hooks without getting too close to your vehicle!

This type of mounting unit is created with a framework of horizontally positioned wood strips and shelves. It’s so solid that it can hold several hundred pounds of tools and other garage-related items. Easy to make on your own and very inexpensive, this storage idea is equally easy to organize and reorganize time and time again.

Ball Storage Rack

We can all agree that bouncy balls are great fun – but can be quite the hassle to put away when the fun and games have come to an end. However, thanks to the ball storage rack for your garage, you can mount and store several balls where ever your please. This is another Do-It-Yourself project if you feel crafty enough and the materials are quite simple: Plywood, dowels and elastic cord are pretty much all your need to rowdy up all those play balls and keep them from rolling around on your floor (or underneath your car!)

Sports Gear Rack

You can get dual use out of your ball storage rack by building it slightly bigger. Try 12 in. wide x 25 in. high x 16 in. deep. Once you’ve got your elastic cord threaded through the holes in the wood in order to create a netting, you can start thinking about optimizing the outside of your storage rack. By adding a few hooks or short gutter troughs, storing smaller balls or other outside toys or sports gear becomes much easier.

Building a Personalized Storage Unit

Are you rather jealous of the storage walls with rearrangeable vertical slats as well as various sized hooks and bins found in most all sport good stores? Well, guess what, you can easily incorporate this innovative retail system into your own home garage! In fact, this can be considered a pretty simple Do-it-Yourself weekend project – with quick and easy installation, your storage system will be up and running in no time. Better yet, your new storage can be reorganized and adapted to your needs as they change.

Garage Cabinets are a Useful Addition

There’s no need to point it out, but for most people, a garage can become quite the clutter zone – what, with all the different home improvement projects and seasonal gear, it’s to be expected right? Well sure, but if your situation resembles the latter one, then garage cabinets are likely to become your best friend. Before purchasing your cabinets, plan out your garage setup py taping the floor where you plan on placing your new storage units. Doing so will ensure that everything fits accordingly once you get back from the store. Best of all, an 8-foot melamine and pine storage unit will only cost you an approximate $27!

Store your Bins the Smart Way

This may seem pretty simple at first glance, however, bins can actually cause quite a problem when it comes to a cluttered garage. In most cases, these plastic storage bins get piled one on top of the other against a wall, making it literally near impossible to reach the bottom bin – especially for kids. To avoid the extra hassle, try storing your bins horizontally on a shelf. You can choose different coloured bins for different accessories and gear, making access all the more simple. Another easy trick would be to abolish the single bins completely and choose storage towers, which are an excellent means in saving space and storing efficiently.
Tip: The outside of the storage tower can be used to install hooks and hang lightweight sports equipment!

Get your Car Products All in One Place

Often times, differents car lubricants, oils and fluids can get pretty messy and in general, you want to keep such latter items away from children as much as possible. A good way to organize all your products for your vehicle all while keeping your family safe is to get yourself a cabinet that can store all these items. A fold-up door on special hinges is ideal for it doesn’t take up too much space and the door doesn’t swing outward when opening it up – avoiding any unwanted damage to your car!

Having to stick to a budget is often easier said than done however, by following the above ideas to maximizing your garage space, you’ll be well on your way to an organized, easily accessed garage in no time without ever breaking the bank!

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget?

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

For many, dreaming of a perfect wedding starts at a pretty young age. However, what we don’t always think of is the extravagant cost of a wedding. As an adult who has chances of having faced financial problems, you may catch yourself thinking: I need an installment loan online for bad credit. If this is your case, don’t stress out, there are several other options that you might want to check out first! Don’t wither under the financial pressure of a wedding and start planning your wedding on a budget today.

Here are a few tips on how to cut back on expenses and save a little money when it comes to planning your perfect wedding:

How to Have a Cheap Wedding

First things first – you need a financial plan to get your wedding in on budget. Start by really asking yourself how much you can afford to spend on a wedding, without paying said wedding off until your retirement. Although this may seem a little obvious as a first step, you’d be surprised how many individuals don’t settle on a precise amount for their wedding and end up spending too much anyway! Make a list – figure out how much you can afford, where the money is coming from and where you’re going to spend it.

What Type of Wedding are you Looking for?

When you think about your special day, what appears before your eyes? A classic church reception? A backyard get together with family and friends? A classy ballroom reception? If you’re unsure, you can head over to the trusted internet and search for a few ideas. Again, make yourself a list of what you like and didn’t like, this will help you in making your own decisions.

Keep in mind that now is not the time for precision and details. Think instead of the overall picture because when it comes to planning a wedding on a budget, priorities are of top importance.

Where do you Plan on Holding your Wedding?

You might not realize it right away, but where you’re going to have your wedding is extremely important because different locations are going to present different costs. Start by looking at what you have in your direct environment – think of family and friends. For example, perhaps one of your close buddies has a big enough backyard that you could borrow for an evening to throw your party? Maybe a family member owns a restaurant or a dance hall that could hold your group? Or again, perhaps you have a specific service that you could offer and trade off for a good price on one of your ideal venues? The sky’s the limit so start thinking outside the box. You’d be surprised at how many people are actually willing to help!

Purchase Wedding Rings you can Actually Afford

Sure, wedding rings are an important piece to your perfect wedding, all while being symbolic of your love and commitment to your partner. However, all this doesn’t mean you have to spend all your savings.

Remember, you’re trying to pull off a perfect wedding on a budget and let’s face it, wedding rings are easy place to start cutting costs. Did you know that a traditional 14-karat ring can easily cost $3000?! Gold isn’t the only durable and customisable ring material, in fact, titanium and sterling silver are equally great options.

You can find more tips and tricks on saving money on your wedding rings here:
How to Finance an Engagement or Wedding Ring with a Poor Credit.

Personalize Your Invitees

There’s probably no need to point this one out, but just in case, more people costs more expensive! This might sound rather rough, however, such is reality and the goal here is to stay on budget. Although it tempting to invite everyone and their brother – ask yourself, is it really necessary?

There are differents ways that you can cut back on a few guests – and a few extra costs. Once you’ve got your initial list drawn up, you and your partner can go through it and remove about 10% of the people. If you feel up to the task, go through the list a second time and cut another 10%. You also have the option of inviting more people to the ceremony and instead holding a smaller reception – less food and alcohol!

Plan for Alcohol Yourself

Speaking of alcohol, this is another pretty hefty cost when it comes to planning a wedding. However, just as with wedding rings and location, there are ways you can save! Instead of an open bar, consider saving money by offering beer or wine with supper. Other examples could include having a cocktail hour with guests or offering a cash bar.

Renting a function hall? You can question whether or not they will allow you to supply your own alcohol. It’s worth the risk of being told no because let’s be honest, this can really save you big bucks. Head to a discount liquor store close by and fill up on the basics: Red and white wine, a few beers and if you plan on offering a full bar, then choose the classics such as vodka, gin, rum and whiskey.

Quick tip: Kegs might be cost-efficient but any left over alcohol is a waste while unopened bottles can be stored afterwards.

You can Achieve your Perfect Wedding on a Budget!

In the end, your wedding is about you and your partner as well as celebrating the love that the two of you share – don’t lose sight of this. Weddings can can hectic, you can lose yourself in the planning and the costs can truly get out of hand so it’s best to stay down to earth and prioritize your wants and needs! Throwing your perfect wedding without drowning in debt is totally possible if you follow the above tips and tricks.