How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget?

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

For many, dreaming of a perfect wedding starts at a pretty young age. However, what we don’t always think of is the extravagant cost of a wedding. As an adult who has chances of having faced financial problems, you may catch yourself thinking: I need an installment loan online for bad credit. If this is your case, don’t stress out, there are several other options that you might want to check out first! Don’t wither under the financial pressure of a wedding and start planning your wedding on a budget today.

Here are a few tips on how to cut back on expenses and save a little money when it comes to planning your perfect wedding:

How to Have a Cheap Wedding

First things first – you need a financial plan to get your wedding in on budget. Start by really asking yourself how much you can afford to spend on a wedding, without paying said wedding off until your retirement. Although this may seem a little obvious as a first step, you’d be surprised how many individuals don’t settle on a precise amount for their wedding and end up spending too much anyway! Make a list – figure out how much you can afford, where the money is coming from and where you’re going to spend it.

What Type of Wedding are you Looking for?

When you think about your special day, what appears before your eyes? A classic church reception? A backyard get together with family and friends? A classy ballroom reception? If you’re unsure, you can head over to the trusted internet and search for a few ideas. Again, make yourself a list of what you like and didn’t like, this will help you in making your own decisions.

Keep in mind that now is not the time for precision and details. Think instead of the overall picture because when it comes to planning a wedding on a budget, priorities are of top importance.

Where do you Plan on Holding your Wedding?

You might not realize it right away, but where you’re going to have your wedding is extremely important because different locations are going to present different costs. Start by looking at what you have in your direct environment – think of family and friends. For example, perhaps one of your close buddies has a big enough backyard that you could borrow for an evening to throw your party? Maybe a family member owns a restaurant or a dance hall that could hold your group? Or again, perhaps you have a specific service that you could offer and trade off for a good price on one of your ideal venues? The sky’s the limit so start thinking outside the box. You’d be surprised at how many people are actually willing to help!

Purchase Wedding Rings you can Actually Afford

Sure, wedding rings are an important piece to your perfect wedding, all while being symbolic of your love and commitment to your partner. However, all this doesn’t mean you have to spend all your savings.

Remember, you’re trying to pull off a perfect wedding on a budget and let’s face it, wedding rings are easy place to start cutting costs. Did you know that a traditional 14-karat ring can easily cost $3000?! Gold isn’t the only durable and customisable ring material, in fact, titanium and sterling silver are equally great options.

You can find more tips and tricks on saving money on your wedding rings here:
How to Finance an Engagement or Wedding Ring with a Poor Credit.

Personalize Your Invitees

There’s probably no need to point this one out, but just in case, more people costs more expensive! This might sound rather rough, however, such is reality and the goal here is to stay on budget. Although it tempting to invite everyone and their brother – ask yourself, is it really necessary?

There are differents ways that you can cut back on a few guests – and a few extra costs. Once you’ve got your initial list drawn up, you and your partner can go through it and remove about 10% of the people. If you feel up to the task, go through the list a second time and cut another 10%. You also have the option of inviting more people to the ceremony and instead holding a smaller reception – less food and alcohol!

Plan for Alcohol Yourself

Speaking of alcohol, this is another pretty hefty cost when it comes to planning a wedding. However, just as with wedding rings and location, there are ways you can save! Instead of an open bar, consider saving money by offering beer or wine with supper. Other examples could include having a cocktail hour with guests or offering a cash bar.

Renting a function hall? You can question whether or not they will allow you to supply your own alcohol. It’s worth the risk of being told no because let’s be honest, this can really save you big bucks. Head to a discount liquor store close by and fill up on the basics: Red and white wine, a few beers and if you plan on offering a full bar, then choose the classics such as vodka, gin, rum and whiskey.

Quick tip: Kegs might be cost-efficient but any left over alcohol is a waste while unopened bottles can be stored afterwards.

You can Achieve your Perfect Wedding on a Budget!

In the end, your wedding is about you and your partner as well as celebrating the love that the two of you share – don’t lose sight of this. Weddings can can hectic, you can lose yourself in the planning and the costs can truly get out of hand so it’s best to stay down to earth and prioritize your wants and needs! Throwing your perfect wedding without drowning in debt is totally possible if you follow the above tips and tricks.

How To Plan a Vacation On a Budget

How To Plan a Vacation On a Budget?

How To Plan a Vacation On a Budget

How To Plan a Vacation On a Budget?

Vacations are well-deserved and are quite important too. However, whether your planning on travelling to France or visiting the Grand Canyon, money shouldn’t come in the way of your moment of relaxation.

Now, you may be thinking: Easier said than done when you’re in a sticky financial situation, right? Or, you may catch yourself thinking “I need money now with no hard credit check” because you think this is the quickest and easiest method to taking care of your financial problems. Instead of racking up more debt, causing more financial problems and stressing over money issues, check out these tips on planning a vacation on a budget!

Tips to Budget for a Vacation

If you take these following tips into consideration, you’ll have better chances at planning a vacation on budget and avoiding money problems along the way.

Exchange rates are important!

When it comes to saving money, exchange rates are of great importance, and going about obtaining them is rather key. You’ll receive the best rates at your destination and most likely at a bank ATM. As a general rule, foreign banks offer lower exchange rates than commercial exchange counters. Keep in mind that you should only ever exchange the total amount of money that you can spend from your budget.

You’re better safe than sorry – avoiding extreme ATM and transaction fees by calling your bank or credit card provider prior to travelling out of country or state. Moreover, credit card companies will usually freeze your funds if using in a different state or country for they will believe your card has been stolen. If you want to avoid getting caught at the restaurant in Cuba with a useless credit card, then make sure you make those necessary phone calls before leaving.

Build your budget accordingly

It is important to set yourself a daily spending budget. This includes food, drink, activity and souvenir expenses. As a rule of thumb, this number should be increased by approximately 15% in order to avoid any problems or emergencies. Moreover, it is important to have planned ahead and subtracted the cost of transportation and hotel from your overall budget.

A great tip to sticking to your budget or otherwise known as the “cash diet” is by putting your daily allowance aside in separate envelopes. Everyday, only take out one envelope and only use the contents inside. Doing so avoids using your credit cards, aside for in an emergency.

Keep in mind that psychologically, foreign money doesn’t feel the same as regular money. In most cases, we don’t have the same association in spending it, or we feel as though it is of a lesser value. It’s important to respect the amount you set aside for daily budget and not blow it all away on one item or one store.

Plan ahead of time

You’ve probably guessed it, but the key to spending optimally while on vacation is through proper organization and budgeting. Generally speaking, approximately 8% of an individual’s yearly budget can be spent towards leisure activities. When it comes to planning a vacation, balance your money on the following factors:

  • Where you are going
  • Travel means to reach destination
  • Choice activities at destination

Take a trip to a Pacific island for example. Alright, it costs a hefty price to reach the destination however, you’ll probably find a few great hotel rates and easily save money by attending low cost beach activities. It is always important to keep in mind that your trip shouldn’t be overly expensive in all three areas.

Only purchase what you really need on vacation

Of course, you want lasting memories from your vacation and one of the most common ways of doing so is by purchasing souvenirs. However, before purchasing another dust-collector, question yourself on the need for that specific item. If you’re going to purchase souvenirs at your travel destination, than my as well get a bang for your buck and choose something that’s useful in the home or fits according to your decor.

Furthermore, you can even plan your yearly purchases based on your upcoming vacation. For example, if you know you can get a really good price on a silk scarf in Thailand where your traveling in a few months, then it’s useless to buy an expensive one at home before going. More so, you can also consider purchasing a camera or taking more photos of your vacation instead of purchasing tons of stuff while at your destination!

You don’t have to buy gifts

Sure, we know how tempting it can be to purchase gifts for family and friends. However, it’s also important to keep your budget in mind. It may be nice to offer such presents, but always remember that there is absolutely no need in doing so.

If you absolutely want to purchase gifts for people while on vacation, than make a list of the family or friends you plan on buying for ahead of time. To this list you can add how much you’d like to spend on each individual. When you find a store that offers many items on your list, buy in bulk and try negotiating a rebate. Again, stick to your budget plan!

Leave space in your suitcase

Avoid having to purchase extra luggage at your destination by planning ahead of time and leaving a little extra space in your suitcase to pack the new items you purchased. Depending on your travelling means, you may be allowed a carry on so consider bringing a small fold-up bag in your luggage for your way back.

Do like the locals do!

Street food, inexpensive cafés, restaurants and even local markets are going to cost much less expensive than any hotel buffet. On top of saving money, you get to discover the true taste of authentic, local cuisine. Breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks can all become less expensive by avoiding the food and restaurants directly related to your hotel chain!

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget?

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget?

Are you attempting to eat healthy all while staying on budget? Well, do we have good news! Doing so is actually possible and if ever you run into a mishap, a fast payday loan online can come to your rescue.

The Benefits of Eating Healthy

For many, eating healthy is a need. Without such, the body can react in negative ways including a decrease in energy, a negative change in moods, a lower productivity and the feeling of a slight virus might even appear. In terms of overall health and wellbeing, eating healthy and getting the right amount if exercise is of great importance. If you’re looking to increase your energy levels and feel better in general, it’s far time you change up your daily diet!

More so, eating healthy brings about other advantages as well such as lowering your risk for heart disease, diabetes, being overweight or being obese as well as certain forms of cancer. Not having to deal with such health issues is of course in your best interest however, it equally saves you money on healthcare costs and health insurance.

Tips for Eating Healthy on a budget

Many of us are all to aware that eating healthy also comes at a certain cost. Worry not though, we’ve compiled 8 top tips that can help you stay on budget all while eating properly – whether you’re raising a family or a studying student!

Make the most of what’s already in the fridge

One of the best ways of saving a few bucks is making the most of what you already have. Prior to going out and purchasing new foods at the grocery store, take a good look at the inside of your fridge and pantry and make a list of what you truly need in order to complete meals. Furthermore, this avoids wasting foods or purchasing something you already have at home.

Plan Your Meals

Meal planning is primary when it comes to saving money. Choose a specific day of the week in which you will plan your meals for the following one. Making a grocery list will help you stay on track by only buying what you need to prepare the week’s meals. More so, it’s important to only buy foods and grocery items that you’re 100% sure you’re going to use – otherwise, it’s money gone up in flames.

Don’t give into temptation

Once you’ve got your meal plan and grocery list in hand, it’s important that you follow it when finally at the store. In many cases, it’s easy to give in to temptation when grocery shopping as so many different foods fall before your eyes.

When it comes to grocery shopping, there’s actually a general rule to follow: Begin your grocery shopping with the perimeter of the store. Most whole foods as well as fresh fruit and vegetables are located here and therefore, you’re more likely to fill up on the latter items. If you find yourself in the middle aisles, where most of the unhealthy foods are found, try looking higher up or lower down instead of straight ahead for most of the expensive items are located at eye level.

If you haven’t done so already, you can equally check out a few grocery planning apps on your mobile phone. Many of them are quite useful and genuinely help in meal planning and reducing cost.

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach

You’ve probably all heard this one before, but it’s worth repeating: Never shop when you’re hungry! Inevitably, you will purchase more all while deviating from your grocery plan. More so, hunger often makes us crave quick and unhealthy foods – which are conveniently, also more expensive. Before heading out, you might want to grab a fruit or healthy snack to fill you up and avoid impulsive purchasing.

Avoid junk food at all costs

It’s important to avoid junk food – it’s not only unhealthy for your diet, but it’s equally more expensive. Soda, cookies, ready-to-cook meals and processed foods are at the top of the expense list, whether you’ve realized it or not, and basically offer no or very little nutritional value. Skip out on purchasing such items on your next grocery shopping trip and compare your savings!

Purchase no-name or generic brands

Many stores offer in-store, generic or no-name brands for nearly any product – ranging from food, to beauty products and even to medication. In general, the latter type brands are just as healthy or functional as other brands however, much less expensive. In all cases though, it remains important to read the list of ingredients in order to ensure that the quality is up to par.

Buy what’s on special!

Most people have certain products that they prefer greatly or that they use most often. The best way to save money when it comes to purchasing such is to buy the said product in bulk when on special. Especially if you know it’s something you’re going to use, then it’s worth stocking up on. The best advice we can give you when buying bulk: Make sure your dates are far enough so as not to have anything go to waste.

Make use of those coupons

Let’s face it – coupons are a great way to save money and are really not as embarrassing as so many people seem to think. Cleaning products, healthy foods and pantry items that you will definitely use are a sure go when it comes to using coupons. Moreover, when you start cutting costs of household products, you in turn increase your spending money for your healthy diet!

In Conclusion

It may come as a surprise, but healthy food aren’t what’s burning a hole in your wallet. Sure, it takes planning ahead and a little organization in order to properly purchase healthy items, however, it is essentially the unhealthy items on your grocery list that cost the most. Many simple techniques can help keep you on budget including cooking at home, meal-planning, writing a grocery list and making the right decisions once at the store. Always keep in mind that a bad healthy leads not only to healthy issues but health costs – ranging from purchasing medication to working less hours. Health doesn’t have a price and therefore, no matter the cost, eating right is always worth it.

How To Finance Car Repairs With Bad Credit

How To Finance Car Repairs With Bad Credit?

How To Finance Car Repairs With Bad Credit

How to Finance Car Repairs with Bad Credit

Let’s face it – your car is pretty important to your day-to-day life. Not only does it get you to and from work, but having a vehicle allows you to get your errands done in a timely fashion and even helps in having a social life. For all the above reasons, it’s pretty clear that your car needs to stay in good working order. However, what happens if your car needs urgent repairs, you don’t have the money up front and worst of all – you’re dealing with bad credit? An unsecured installment loan online for bad credit may be your best bet.

No Credit Check Auto Repair Loans, really?

When it comes to urgent need of car repairs, many individuals get caught up with no credit check loans. These types of loans are obtained through providers who don’t perform a deep credit check in order to evaluate your credit report.

However, the truth of the matter is that these no credit check auto repair loans are misleading and unreliable. A credit analysis is performed in order to reduce the risk of loss for the provider and all authentic short term loans will require a sort of evaluation, be it a soft or hard credit check.

Ultimately, requesting and obtaining funds for auto repair with bad credit is quite possible. In most cases, providers focus on your income rather than your credit score. Overall, it’s very important to have proof of steady income.

Furthermore, it is also possible to look into different programs that help reduce the cost of major car auto repairs, hence eliminating the need for an automobile repair loan. A few such possible programs include:

1. Accident Insurance

Although an accident insurance is optional for most car insurance programs, obtaining one can be rather beneficial. Such an insurance covers the cost of repairing your car damage, whatever it may be, as long as the damage originates from a collision. In this scenario, one only needs to pay the deductible.

2. New Vehicle Guarantee

Generally speaking, a new vehicle is usually covered by both manufacturer and dealer warranties. Such warranties cover mechanical issues and recall problems. This type of program is usually based on distance travelled with vehicle or a certain number of months.

3. Used and Extended Vehicle Guarantees

This type of guarantee is set out to cover used vehicles, providing limited coverage for specific auto repairs. Such a program can extend a pre-existing warranty however, they can also be provided as a new guarantee on an used vehicle.

Finding Good Deals on Car Repairs

As earlier mentioned, your car is high up on your needs list and having it repaired as quickly as possible is important. However, don’t rush and choose the first garage you see to have your car fixed. In general, you want to obtain a minimum of 3 different estimates stemming from different credible locations. You can express that you are comparing prices and question any possible rebates.

When it comes to having repairs done that are covered by your insurance company, the damage will be evaluated and you will be compensated accordingly. Generally speaking, your insurance company is obliged to let you choose where your vehicle is repaired.

If the price in a garage still appears out of budget, then you can always look into technical or vocational programs near you. If the school uses vehicles for instructing their students, then it may be possible to work out a deal to have your car used in their classroom. In most cases, you are only charged for parts.

Still though, it is important to beware of what schools you choose to work with. Be hesitant of any school that mentions waiving your deductible – this isn’t usually legal. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean unethical business, its reason enough to be weary. On the other hand, many companies will jack up the price of repair estimates to obtain more money from insurance or will install inadequate parts on your vehicle in order to make up for the money they’ve saved you.

Use Credit Wisely

A credit card is a last and plausible option, especially if you don’t have friends or family that are willing to lend you money interest-free.

In fact, a credit card can be quite beneficial when it comes to auto repairs, especially if your credit provider offers a guarantee against poor repairs. Although you will probably end up paying interest when using your credit card, many individuals assume that such a cost is worth having their car back in working order. If you are choosing to go the credit card route, make sure you’ve previously worked out a repayment budget.

Although using your credit card can be a good idea, requesting credit card cash advances is not. Cash advances are attached to high interest rates and don’t offer purchase protection. More so, the interest charges are applied on day one of the transaction while with a regular credit purchase, you’re provided with a grace period of approximately 21 days prior to being charged interest.

How to Finance a Phone with Bad Credit

How to Finance a Phone with Bad Credit?

How to Finance a Phone with Bad Credit

How to Finance a Phone with Bad Credit

When you’re dealing with bad credit, it’s only natural to feel as though everything is much more expensive – all the way down to your cell phone. We understand that you need such a device though, so avoid the hassle and choose the best payday loans online for bad credit instead of cell phone financing of any kind!

There was a time when having a cell phone was considered a luxury – to the contrary of today. Less than 20 years ago, only rich and powerful businessmen had the funds to pay for a mobile phone that didn’t fit in one’s pocket and literally costed a fortune.
The cell phone has of course become more more affordable, however have you ever wondered how a bad credit score might influence your ability to obtain one?

Credit Score – An Overview

Prior to getting into the knitty-gritty in terms of how a poor credit rating can determine whether or not you qualify for a cellphone contract, let’s freshen up on what a credit score actually is.

Simply put, a person’s credit score is a 3-digit number compiled from three major credit bureaus: Experian, Transunion and Equifax. Credit reports from all three of the later bureaus play on credit rating. The FICO Score is known as the most common credit score and ranges on a scale from 300 to 850. The more one’s score approaches 850, the greater chances one has at obtaining a loan – the same goes for interest rates too!

Generally speaking, any credit score lower than 650 is considered poor. When situated within this range or lower, it becomes highly difficult to qualify for a loan – let alone a credit card application. In this case, many individuals choose to settle for bad credit loans or no-check loans, many of which come with outrageous fees and alarming interest rates.

However, a loan isn’t the only element that a negative credit score can affect. In fact, credit verifications are also performed when attempting to purchase a vehicle, acquire an insurance plan and, as earlier mentioned, when obtaining a cell phone.

Obtaining a Cell Phone: Does Credit Score have a Strong Impact?

It is well known that when purchasing a new cell phone in-store, most providers perform a credit check.

The latter is a measurement of how reliable an applicant is in paying back their debts and managing their credit. If an individual has a positive history of paying their bills, than the provider can determine that such will be the same for your cell phone payments. The same goes for the opposing situation: If you have a negative history in terms of paying your bills on time, then a provider may not be willing to take the risk in offering you a contract whatsoever.

Although a poor credit score doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with being irresponsible, many lenders see it this way and won’t take the time to hear you out on personal financial how your financial problems are a story of the past.

Paying off your debts, paying all bills on time and using your credit cards reasonably are definite ways to improve your credit rating and eventually, obtain a cell phone plan or contract. However, rebuilding one’s credit score positively can take time and you’ll probably require a phone before that. Guess what! You still have other options. Let’s take a look:

Pay a Larger Deposit on your New Phone

Although this option might appear pricey on the spot, it actually comes with its own benefits as well. In this scenario, you can purchase a new phone on contract, however you must first pay a greater balance on the phone’s total price. Following this one and only heftier payment, you may be left with even small monthly amounts than someone with good credit and a credit card!

The technique of paying upfront is nothing new. In fact, the latter can be beneficial when attempting to rent an apartment or sign for utilities. In certain cases, paying up front may also allow you to pay less overall – if willing to pay in totality and in cash!

When it comes to your new phone, sure, this means you have to save a little more money before purchasing what you need. A good tip is to make sure that your new cell phone comes with a good warranty – you don’t want your worthy investment getting damaged!

Paying up-front, however, isn’t always a possibility. If your credit rating is low enough, you may see yourself refused in terms of such a proposal. Certain providers may still offer you a prepaid option – beware though, this can often be much more expensive in the long run when compared to a traditional phone plan.

Hard Credit Checks Lower Credit Score

That’s right, you read right! If you know you have a bad credit score and won’t pass a said credit check, then sometimes it’s simply best to withhold yourself, to refuse the credit check or at the least, request a soft check. In terms of a credit check from a phone provider, such is usually a hard-check and therefore, temporarily damaging to your credit score.

By obtaining instead an online payday loan for bad credit, you’ll have higher chances of being capable of either paying for a certain amount of your cell phone up front or taking the prepaid route so avoid all the hassle, the hard-credit checks and start searching for the best!

How to Finance an Engagement or Wedding Ring with a Poor Credit

How to Finance an Engagement or Wedding Ring with a Poor Credit

How to Finance an Engagement or Wedding Ring with a Poor Credit

How to Finance an Engagement or Wedding Ring with a Poor Credit

As one of the first major steps in a couple’s life, purchasing an engagement ring is nothing short of a big deal. Of course, finding and buying the perfect engagement or wedding ring can be all the more difficult if you’re equally facing poor credit. Don’t spend a couple months of salary in order to pay for your ring up front and look into installment loans online for bad credit instead!

How Does One Finance a Ring

As the popular song Single Ladies states: “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it”. But how does one get a ring on her finger if your budget is tight and your credit score is poor? Don’t stress! We’ve got you covered with a few ways on how you can go about purchasing that perfect engagement or wedding ring anyway.


Look into Jewelry Store Financing

Why not just pay for the engagement ring with a credit card, you’re asking yourself? The problem is, not everyone has access to the same credit level. For example, zero-percent APR credit cards are typically reserved for individuals with good credit – anything less than the latter, and you can pretty much consider yourself out of luck.

On that note though, beware of zero-percent APR financing offered by certain jewelry stores – which is basically an in-store credit card. Although this may seem like a good idea at first, the truth of the matter is that doing so can actually worsen your financial situation.

How is that so? Simply put, the amount you’re going to be charging is most likely very close to the card’s limit. Such a transaction will cause your credit utilization rate to increase greatly and in turn, reduce your credit score enormously until the amount is paid back in full.

Furthermore, once the no-interest period comes to an end, if the engagement or wedding ring has not been fully paid for, you may be charged interest from the day of purchase!


Diamond, Really?

Sure, diamonds make for great pieces of jewelry; They shine in the light and sparkle in the sun. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a diamond is not mandatory in terms of an engagement or wedding ring. In fact, diamonds have only been popularized more recently – so keep your eye out for different stones that don’t cost you a downpayment on a house!


Think About Requesting an Online Loan

If you’re thinking about taking out a loan for bad credit in order to purchase an engagement or wedding ring, then it’s important to ensure that you choose an installment loan from a valid and trustworthy lender. You don’t want to get caught in a sticky financial situation later, either!

For example, if you’ve had a previous experience with a lender who didn’t report on-time payments to credit bureaus, didn’t provide a simplistic summary of your loan terms or didn’t offer long term payment options in order to cut back on monthly payments – you should definitely reconsider borrowing from them a second time.

Ultimately, you should always keep in mind that in order to get engaged, you don’t actually need an engagement ring – let alone an extremely expensive diamond and gold plated one. Start married life off on the right foot and purchase an engagement ring that is well within your budget!

You can find more tips on planning a wedding here: How to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget.