Get Your Finances Ready for Back-to-School

Get Your Finances Ready for Back-to-School

Summer rhymes with fun in the sun and taking it easy – except for parents that is. Inevitably, about halfway through summer vacation, most families begin thinking about their back-to-school purchases, including educational supplies, school gear and clothes. For many, this expense is one of the greatest costs related to their children every year – especially if the parents aren’t necessarily at ease financially. Requesting a personal loan online with no hard credit check is one option for getting your way out of back-to-school costs, however there are also a few tips and tricks you can apply to help you stay on budget!

Back-to-School: How to save money?

One of the best methods in saving money when it comes to the back-to-school season is only purchasing the essential supplies at first. Let’s face it, your child probably has a few pencils, glue sticks, crayons or other supplies that have come back home from last year. Once the back-to-school hubbub is all over, you can then head out to the store and pick up any remaining items your child may need – probably on sale too!

Waiting is Good!

There is more than one good reason for waiting prior to purchasing all new school supplies for your child. Sure, it saves you money and spreads the costs out over several months instead of all in the same week, however, it also allows your child time to decide what they want. This is a good trick to have up one’s sleeve because it allows to see what’s trendy – avoiding the purchase of a pair of shoes or winter boots that your child will never wear.

Keep an eye out for Clearance Sales

Instead of frantically purchasing all your child’s back-to-school supplies in a week’s time, ensuring that you pay full price on everything, keep an eye out for clearance sales all summer long – and even once school has started! Such sales can really save money in your back-to-school budget and avoid you having to go back to the store time and time again throughout the year. Remember that September is a great month to take advantage of the many specials and sales going on in practically all the stores, so if you’ve missed anything, then is the time to head out and pick it up.

Teach Your Children the Importance of Budgeting

If your child is stuck on purchasing expensive brand names or trendy items that don’t necessarily fit your budget, then perhaps it’s time to teach your children the importance of budgeting! For example, you can pay the first 25$ or 50$ on the requested item and have your child pay off the rest with their own money. Younger children can use birthday money, or gift cards that they have accumulated throughout the year.

More so, you can keep in mind that an entire new wardrobe may not be necessary come the first of September. Although it may be considered the first month of fall, the weather is still generally warm and your child can continue to wear many of their summer clothes. Go easy when buying clothes, buy their needs, and watch for specials that go on throughout the year as your child grows.

All in all, when it comes to back-to-school shopping, it’s best to get organized, make a list, let your children know what you are and what you aren’t buying and save money!