How to Pay for a Funeral with No Money

How to Pay for a Funeral with No Money

So, your relative is dead and you need to host a funeral for the person. It’s time you realize that a funeral can be expensive. Sadly, the deceased person never told you he would die; so, it’s an urgent responsibility you didn’t expect.

You’re not the first person it’ll happen to. Every single person never prepares for anybody’s death. But the difference comes in when we are short on cash (with no money to pay for the funeral). And that’s the reason for writing this (how to pay for a funeral with no money on you).

That may sound incredible but as this burial comes with urgency, seek out personal loans online. With the loan, you will be able to pay for the funeral, despite the fact that you’re without money. You’ll pay back the loan later, either in installments or a lump payment.

Don’t rush to take out a loan without a plan for it. I know you need money now but before you pick up a phone to seek a loan online, know how much money it’ll cost to host the funeral and whether you can pay back the loan or not.

Funeral service costs range from the funeral home costs, cemetery and burial costs, to the memorial service costs. The costs of a funeral service can be summed up to be around $10000. It includes the basic service fees of $500, the embalming cost of $800, and the cost of setting up the funeral home.

Moving the remains to the cemetery needs a considerable fund for the burial plot, casket, and transportation. The burial ground costs around $1000 and the casket is around $2000.

Every worker, most especially low-income earners are eligible to pay a certain cut of their income to the Social Security Agency. So when they retire or die, either them or their relatives can claim a social security benefit.

How Much Does Social Security Pay for a Funeral?

It would be of great help if the deceased is a social security recipient. His surviving spouse or child can claim a social security benefit, which is in two ways. One, a lump-sum death benefit of $255 and the second is an ongoing monthly death benefit called a survivor benefit.

Regrettably, the social security death benefit is currently a small payment of $255, and that’s even if the deceased’s social security work credit is good. In spite of the fact that the payment is small, surviving family members should claim it. It can be of a monetary relief as it can be used to consolidate the loan taken out to fund the funeral.

If the deceased is your spouse or parent, you’re eligible to claim the benefit. Visit a local social security office and claim the pay. The staff will help you out with the paperwork, and you’ll be paid the benefits.

It’s advisable you add the pastor’s honorarium to your budget before you take out a loan online.

How Much Should I Pay a Pastor for a Funeral?

Most pastors believe that their salaries cover all their services (including funeral services), so they do not take fees. Besides, people do not make such demand on those that grieve. Nevertheless, you should give your pastor some bucks, at least for their travel expenses.

Such payment can be likened to be an honorarium (pastor’s honorarium), of which any amount within the range of $200 to $400 is reasonable. The money can be paid either by check or in cash put into an envelope, accompanied by a note of gratitude for his great contribution to the funeral. The envelope should be given to the pastor in person, not to the pastor’s church, often before or after the funeral service.

How to Pay for Funeral without Life Insurance?

A deceased person, before he died, could have been life insured, because he could have seen it as a way of helping his loved ones (family) to cope financially after his death.

But unfortunately, if the deceased isn’t insured, you have to pay for the funeral without life insurance and that can make the loan repayment difficult for you because you’ll have to pay back the loan with your paycheck.

It’s advisable, as you’re responsible for funding the funeral, that even without life insurance, you should prepare an affordable budget. Take out a loan that you can conveniently payback.

Nobody will be there to help you when you’ll be beaten down with debts that you find difficult to pay off, so take a realistic look at the funeral budget, cut the costs, choose an affordable amount, visit an online lender, and take out the loan.

If you find it difficult to cut the budget, consider using a plain casket, instead of a burial vault, plot and interment fees as it can save $3000 or more. Launch a home funeral (if your state permits it), it saves the cost of renting a funeral home.

Also, consider a direct cremation; it’s cheaper, costs around $2000, no embalming, no viewing, and no visitation. It’s a remains disposition option, the body is cremated, a few days following the death, and without a funeral service (but the service can be done later). It’s the most affordable option to cut down funeral costs, it saves thousands of bucks.

How to Pay for a Funeral with Life Insurance

What if the deceased is insured? It’s a relief, as you don’t need to worry much about the loan repayment. It can be paid back without difficulty, so, take out a considerable loan, and have a celebratory funeral.

Be cautious. There are online lenders, good ones, and bad ones. Don’t be fooled. Beware of online lending platform demanding big upfront payment before a loan can be approved or disbursed.

Confirm if the potential loaner is authentic, visit or contact the Department of Finance in your state, check if the loaner is registered to do business in your country.

Before you seek a loan from an online lender, maintain a good credit score as it boosts the loan approval possibility. And if you have a debt unpaid, ensure you reduce or pay it off.


With all conditions reasonable, take out a loan; launch the funeral, despite the fact that you have no money on you. With the social security pay and life insurance benefit, pay off the loan in installments, or with a lump-sum.

Hope you find this article helpful!