How To Plan A 21st Birthday Party On A Budget

How to Plan a 21st Birthday Party on a Budget?

Your birthday is at the door. It’s about to knock. You’re now 21. It should be celebrated. You’re now an adult. It is a leap that must be marked with a memorable party.

Nothing should stop you from launching your 21st birthday party…not even a fear or the lack of money. With a proper budget, you can have a nice party. And this article shows you how to plan your birthday party on a budget.

How much money do you need to budget for the birthday party?

The required amount to be budgeted for your birthday party is BPC:
Birthday Party Cost (BPC) = $ [GC + NGC]
Where, GC is the Guest Cost, and NGC is the Non-Guest Cost.

Let’s discuss the guest cost and non-guest cost.
Guest cost is the amount of money required to cater for the guests at the birthday party. It shows how much you need to fund everything to satisfy your friends, siblings, and other attendees at the event. The GC depends on the number of guests you will invite.

On a budget, a birthday party that attracts 60 attendees should be more expensive than the one that attracts 16 attendees. Get the number of guys you want at the party. Make a list of names of relatives, friends, and peers that you want them to be present at the event.

After getting the attending number, determine the party’s worth. Decide the types of drinks, foods, presents, and take away snacks. Calculate how much it costs to get the package for each person. Then multiply the number of people on your list with the calculated cost.

To avoid disappointment, add at least 15% of the number of invitees on your list. You know…your invited friend may bring his/her fiance or an uninvited guest.
Do the arithmetic. And term your answer as Guest Cost (GC). So,

Guest Cost = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP]
NAL = Number of attendees or invitees on your list.
CP = Cost of catering per person or invitee.

The Non-Guest Cost is the amount of money required to cater for the venue, rental (like chairs and tables) or party space, birthday cake, games, entertainment, invitation cards, and other issues that do not have any direct receiving link with your guests.

NGC = $ [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC]
VC = Cost of the venue
RC = Cost of the rents (chairs, tables, plates, spoons, speakers, iPod, and the likes).
BcC = Cost of making or buying a birthday cake.
GC = Cost of buying games like chess, scrabble, videos games, and the likes.
EC = Cost of entertainment, DJ, and related entertaining rants.
OC = Other Costs.

Take for example; David wants to know how much he needs to budget for his 21st birthday party. The cost to satisfy a single person at his birthday will be $20. And he expects 30 attendees at the party. The venue costs $100, the rentals cost $120, the birthday cake costs $65, the costs to hire a DJ is $150, and other things cost $10.

So, David’s Birthday Party Cost = $ [GC+NGC]
The Guest Cost, GC = $ [(NAL + 0.15 X NAL) X CP] = [30 + 0.15 X 30] X 20] = $90.00
The Non-Guest Cost, NGC = $ [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC] + 0.15 [VC + RC + BcC + GC + EC + OC] = [100 + 120 + 65 + 0 + 150 + 10] + 0.15 [100 + 120 + 65 + 0 + 150 + 10] = $510
Thus, David’s Birthday Party Cost = $ [510 + 90] = $600.00

You can’t know how easy budgeting is, until you start. It is very simple. Study the steps illustrated in this section. You can use those ones to arrive at the amount of money your birthday requires.

How Do You Get the Money to Fund the Party?

You can get it from your pocket. If you are broke, you can get it from your relatives, friends, or parents. If they can’t offer you the money, you have to take out a payday loan online as it one of the best type of loans to seek to fund a birthday party.

How to Reduce the Budget?

Perhaps you want a lower budget. Then you should have your birthday party at home. Venues are expensive. You can have a house party. But, you may not be allowed to make the noise that you would like and you will have to be responsible for such service.

And if your mom is a good cook, there is no need for a catering service. You just need to money to buy raw food, drinks and the birthday cake. Rent a good speaker, instead of a DJ. Let your friends do the DJ’s job.

Cleaning up after party can be difficult. But you and your siblings should do that. If you would be having your birthday party at home, don’t you think you have to spice up the party with some ideas?

21st Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Nobody loves being bored. You can make your guys have much fun, even if you won’t take them out. Right from your home, you can spice up the party:

  • Playing Board Games: You can play board games with your friends. Games like chess, monopoly, and scrabble are good for house birthday party.
  • Playing Video Games: Playing video games is one of the best ways to catch fun when having a birthday party at home. You can play soccer games, GTA, Super Smash, or Super Mario.
  • Swimming: If there is a swimming pool at the house, you can launch a swimming race. It is also a way of making the house birthday party awesome.
  • Taking Pictures and Videos: If you want to run a low budget party, do not hire a photographer. Everyone have phones and they can take as many pictures as they want. You can make videos using your smartphone. Doing this will also make it lively.
  • Telling Stories: You can make your birthday memorable by asking each of your invitees to tell a story about you in just a few minutes.


This article shows you how to plan for your 21st birthday, how to calculate and budget the money needed for the party, where to get the money, and how to spice up the party with 21st birthday party ideas.

Happy birthday to you in advance, and may your day be filled with happiness.