How to Plan a Dinner Party on a Budget

How to Plan a Dinner Party on a Budget?

It’s a great work, hosting a dinner party. Whether it is your first time or not hosting a dinner party, you will find this article helpful. It tells you what to do before throwing such an event. It illustrates how to calculate the money it requires to launch the party.
And it provides ideas and tips for the dinner. If you will implement such tips, you will likely lift your social clout higher.

What to do Before Throwing a Dinner Party?

Before throwing a dinner party, you have to consider the following issues.

Money: It is very important. Without money, you can find it difficult to host a party. A budget shows how much you need, how to spend it.

Make an invitation list: If you want to host a large dinner party, you need to get an invitation list. The list will help you track how much you will spend on foods and drinks.

Decide the theme and decoration: Choose a perfect theme and decoration for the dinner party. People appreciate expensive glasses, plates, and other dinnerwares. Choose the one to do the trick.

Choose a Location: A nice venue, it is a good option. It earns you respect. For a few people, your house is okay. When choosing a venue, you’ll have to consider the type of invitees. For your friends, your home is okay but for business associates, you should book a nice venue.

Deciding the Date: People are busy…most especially on weekdays. Weekends are the best days for parties. Choose a perfect date, one that is convenient for everybody.

Send Invitations: Ensure you notify everyone on your list. You can send emails. Make phone calls or send messages via SMS, WhatsApp etc. Just make sure that you reach out to people.

Plan Your Menu: Choose the recipes. Make a budget for the recipes. Get them from the market. For friends, you should cook whereas for business associates or a large number of invitees, hire a catering service.

Plan the Entertainment: Spice up the party with some playlists background (music). Energize the atmosphere, with solemn songs. You can hire a keyboardist.

How to Calculate the Money Required Hosting the Dinner Party?

It is a simple arithmetic duty. Let us say the total amount of money you need to launch a dinner party is DPC.

Let Dinner Party Cost, DPC = $ [GC + NGC]

Where GC is the Guest Cost and the NGC is the Non-Guest Cost.

And the money budgeted for each guest’s food and drinks is the Guest Cost. While the money used to rent the venue, hire a catering service, send invitations, and make decorations is called the Non-Guest Cost.

Add the guest cost and the non-guest cost together, and then you obtain the amount of money needed to host the party.

To get the idea better, permit me to give an example. Let us say you’ve invited 10 people to a dinner party. And the money required to get food and drinks for a person is $50.

Then the Guest Cost, GC = $50 X 10 = $500

If the amount of money needed to book a venue, send invitations, hire a keyboardist, and cater for other expenses is $900.

Then the Non-Guest Cost, NGC = $900.

Sum up the GC and NGC, you have the amount required to host such party, which is $1300.

How do you get the money to host a dinner party if you’re broke?

Perhaps you cannot afford to take the money out of your saving; you can take out a personal loan online. There are several online lenders on the internet.

Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can get a loan approved. And before you take out an installment loan online, ensure you have a good job, a good financial standing and a high credit score.

If you can get a co-signer, it makes your loan get approved quickly. Maintain a lower debt-to-income ratio (DTI) as online lenders use it to determine your creditworthiness and how much of loan you can afford.

Taking out a loan will help you finance the party to your taste.

Dinner Party Ideas

With these ideas, your guests will find the dinner party warming.

Write a timeline for the party: Take your time; write a timeline for the dinner party. So that you won’t miss things up. Provide an order that shows how the party would be run. Doing that saves time. Everyone’s time worth planning.

Book a venue, if your guests are formal. You can also host a dinner party right in your home if the guests are informal such as friends and relatives.

To earn a party-like atmosphere, add some music background. Maintain a low volume; don’t let the music interrupt people’s conversation. Just like it is in movies, you can make your dinner party the same.

To reduce your expenses, tell invitees to bring their own bottles (BYOB). Despite this, you should provide some bottles of wine and stock up some non-alcoholic beverages for guests that don’t drink.

Be mannered. Meet people and greet them with gusto. When it comes to a social gathering like a dinner party, such things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your participation is crucial as the host. Don’t be in the kitchen on your guests’ arrival. Be in charge of the welcoming.

Plan the after-party. If you find it challenging to clean up the mess and wash the dishes, you can hire workers to do it for you. Don’t procrastinate. If you do, your house will suck.


This article is helpful. It shows you how to plan a dinner party on a budget, how to calculate the money it would require, how to cut out the budget and how to launch a successful dinner party.

Choose the right venue. Invite your guest. Choose the right meal. Let them bring their bottles. Provide wine and wine glasses. Play some background music. Make them dazzle and party awesome. Encourage side talks and be yourself.
That’s all.