Reddit Personal Finance - Top 6 Subreddits for Financial Advice

Reddit Personal Finance – Top 6 Subreddits for Financial Advice

The internet is brimming with information – so much so, that it can be difficult to find reliable information. If you’ve said to yourself: “I need cash now” and you’ve chosen to look online for the best method in obtaining such, then you should start by checking out Reddit, especially if you have a little time in front of you in order to fix your financial situation. In sum, Reddit is a global forum where the 330 million users can post any type of content and have it voted on. With approximately 14 billion page views per month, top content has a tendency of quickly rising to the top. Reddit functions at lightning speed, allowing you to obtain current and up-to-date information, notbally thanks to the sheer number of users. One of the most interesting, and probably one of the most useful sources of information one can find on Reddit is definitely related to handling your personal finances and obtaining financial advice!

Reddit’s endless source of information is divided into different forums, each of which have their own topic. This said topic can vary from something broad (r/stocks) or something very very specific, or niched, such as (r/GIFextra). These divisions are also known as subreddits, and there are literally tons of them. When it comes to discussing personal finance, you’ll have more than plenty to look through and inform yourself with. In order to help get you started on optimizing your finance, here are six useful subreddits to check out:

1. Personal finance

(r/personalfinance) – This rather broad subreddit alone has 13 million users, all of which share both content and expertise for free. Whether you’re looking for information on savings, taxes, credit score or any subject in between, you’ve got it at the tip of your fingers, here. This subreddit can even inform you on the best methods to get a raise at work or how to verify that one’s financial advisor isn’t a fake. If such is something of interest to you, it is equally possible to access their money guides, which are linked to the sidebar of the front page. Furthermore, it is even possible to post your own questions, allowing you to obtain personalized answers as well as one on one assistance for any financial problems or questions you may be dealing with. Overall, when it comes to personal financial advice, this is probably one of the best and one of the most complete sources online.

2. Financial Independence

(r/financialindependence) – Looking to learn how to budget effectively or plan for your financial future? Then look no further, the subreddit on financial independence is sure to give you the answers you’re in need of. You will have quick access to useful tips on how to build your credit rating, on how to start saving money and even how to make a little money on the side, just to name a few. Here, you can view posts from other users about how you can keep a positive credit score and avoid credit repair. Don’t hesitate to ask your own questions, get involved in ongoing feeds and feel confident knowing that you’re obtaining some of the best tips and advice from other individuals who have succeeded financial independence.

3. CreditCards

(r/CreditCards) Whether or not to use them, how to use them and when to use them are all questions that may be running through your mind when it comes to a credit card. However, you can rest assured knowing that this subreddit is loaded with pertinent information, varying from how to effectively use a credit card to your own benefit, to choosing your first credit card and all the way to assessing your needs and selecting the best credit card that fits them. Credit cards is a rather vast topic, seeing the many types of cards and the hundreds of thousands of users so, grab a snack and get reading – information isn’t lacking!

4. PFTools

(r/PFtools) – Handling your personal finances is made easier and easier every day, especially thanks to all the possible tools that exist in order to make the task easier. On this subreddit, get ready to have access to an entire list of tools that can help you better achieve your goals. Ranging anywhere from financial calculators, software and budget applications, you will find reviews on any and all free and paid tools through this subreddit. Whether you need to create your own budget, choose a mortgage payment, learn to better save and invest your money or even learning how to build a positive credit score, this is definitely a source you should be looking at. Tools used in the proper manner can really improve your means in handling money.

5. Making Money

(r/makingmoney) Of course, and you’ve probably guessed it, making money is another broad subject. However, you’d be surprised at how many unique and innovative methods individuals have come up with in order to make money on the side. Again, here, you’ll find the top methods to make a little extra money, however you’ll also be capable of taking note of which methods are scams or not worth spending time and energy in. Before embarking in a new way to make money, be it from home, online, or elsewhere, it might be a good idea to check out the “Making Money” subreddit in order to get properly informed!

6. Frugal

(r/Frugal) – Saving money is a big deal – and on the Frugal subreddit, 500 000 users come together on a daily basis in order to share their best and most effective ways of saving money – literally on everything. Check out this subreddit on a regular basis and you’ll find yourself cutting back on expenses in no time – these hacks are really worth while! More so, learning how to cut down on your expenses is a must when it comes to saving, to building your credit score or to investing money in the right places, so this source offers crucial information.

Reddit is a great resource for anyone looking to start saving for the future or trying to unload their debt burden. These six subreddits are just a start.